hill Zelená hora

At the beginning of 18th century a new architectural style arose from revaluation of Gothic items into a clear Baroque appearance- nowadays it is labeled as the Baroque-Gothic. So an original style has been created in Bohemia, an architectural style which has not any analogy in Europe. Thus according to this specialty the cemetery church of St. Jan Nepomucky has been built on Zelena hora (the Green hill) in 1719-1722. Zeleny vrch is located very close to Zdar nad Sazavou. The edifice was created by the project of Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel (1677-1723), a Czech architect of Walachia origin. The pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucky on the Zelena hill is the Santini’s zenith. The church has been consecrated in 1722 and become the first big holy sacrificed to this saint. The five-pointed ground plan, crossing intersection of formations of space, dynamism of building material disclaiming walling mass, all of it is in favour of this style’s exceptionality. For this reasons the church has been registered on the UNESCO’s World heritage list in 1994.
Church at Zelená mountain Church at Zelená mountain
The church at Zelená hora The church at Zelená hora